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foto aerea di OrmeaThe town is located at750 meters  of altitude, at the heart of the Ligurian Alps and it counts about 1900 inhabitants.


The town centre is characterised by a curious perimeter shaped as a heart Avete mai notato che “Ormea” è l’anagramma di “amore” ?



via RomaVia Roma, the lively commercial road, represents the centre of the town.

Around the main road a complex and charming maze of narrow alleys, called “trevi” in local dialect, is found.



Stepping into the maze, it will be possible to discover ancient friezed houses and small squares lost in time, echoes of a past untouched in its original architectural forms, as well as the beautiful statues and fountains carved in local black marble that constitute the town's landmark.




An uncontaminated natural environment surrounds Ormea. Paths and tracks for hiking, horse- and mountain bike-riding, numerous open-air climbing stations, clean waters for fishing and the Cross-country Skiing Centre in Cantarana make it a true paradise for nature and sport lovers. The surrounding areas are characterised by several hamlets which have maintained their original structure and atmosphere.

Scuola forestaleThe harmonic relationship between nature and culture is demonstrated in Ormea by the presence of a Forest Management School, hosted by the magnificient 19th century building of the Grand Hotel enclosed in a park of sequoias and local trees. Today the School is an important centre of research, education and divulgation of environmental and forest-related issues. 

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