Guitar straps are a gift to your guitar (and to yourself)

Every musician will tell you that the instrument they play is like a lover: playful, full of character, sometimes responsive to the slightest touch, sometimes obstinately difficult to get along with. In the typical noble tradition of lovers, buying your lover thoughtful presents is an effective way to stay on their good side. One could say that the same goes for musicians and their instruments. A drummer, for example, may cover his set with stickers, a saxophonist will try to find the perfect reeds for their partner in music, and a guitarist should buy their guitar a guitar strap or two every now and then. All joking aside, guitar straps are not only very useful gadgets, they can also be highly fashionable and express what kind of music you make and what kind of artist you are. So choose wisely, especially when you regularly play in front of audiences. It may not always seem like it, but details in clothes, attitude or choice of instruments can influence the audience’s experience of the performance. You’ll want to make sure your show is as spot on as you want it to be!

The best guitar straps and where to find them

Although they are hardly fantastic beasts, guitar straps do come in a number of different shapes, sizes, fashions and appearances. When you have a selection of guitar straps, you may even take a few of them with you on stage, so you can switch depending on the type of music or songs you’re playing. If you switch between country, rock and pop music, why not also slightly change your appearance on stage? Changing guitar straps is an easy and relatively quick way of changing how your audience sees you. Rather than changing your entire outfit, changing the look of your strap helps create a persona on stage that fits the music you make. For example, you could wear seatbelt guitar straps for punk, vintage leather guitar straps for country, or colourful ‘woodstock’ guitar straps for ballads. The important question, of course, is where to find your stunning guitar straps. Have a look at This web shop carries a highly-specialized stock of handmade guitar straps, ranging from the fashionable to the quirky. On top of that, Overdrive Straps is the straps provider for major artists and musicians, such as:

  • Mastodon’s Brent Hinds and Roy Sanders
  • The Mars Volta’s / At the Drive-In’s Omar Rodriguez-López
  • Eagles of Death Metal’s / Queens of the Stone Ages’ Dave Catching
  • Eagles of Death Metal’s / A Perfect Circle’s Matt McJunkins
  • Chon’s Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel
  • The Smashing Pumpkins’ Jeff Schroeder

…and many, many more. As you can see, you’ll be in excellent company getting your very own from Overdrive Straps.

Overdrive Straps

The drive behind Overdrive Straps is the combination of love for music, love for guitars and the love for creating an unforgettable image and stage presence. This is what their straps are designed to do, and why famous rock stars are loyal and returning customers. Lesser humans have also expressed their appreciation for Overdrive Straps, leaving enthusiastic and heartfelt reviews of their purchases. Like David, who says “Let’s just say these straps are pretty close to perfect. Nothing seems to be overlooked in terms of quality.” So not only does Overdrive Straps deliver good looks and fashionable items, they also provide quality handmade products, made with the love for music they share with their customers. Get your guitar a strap it deserves; get it an Overdrive Strap.

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