To open a company in Netherlands

I have had my own company in Germany for many years now and at some point the idea popped into my head to open a company in Netherlands. When I first spoke about this idea people thought and told me this would be impossible and I should not look further into it. But I knew I could certainly grow my business even further if I went to open a company in Netherlands. This is how I ended up on the website where I found out it is definitely possible to do so. It is just a bit harder for me as a German citizen then when I would have been a Dutch resident. But that is logical of course, it is the same in Germany. There are however certain difference to open a company in Netherlands compared to when you do the same thing in my country.

  • Different forms
  • Different language
  • Different tax system

With two countries so close to each other I always thought that many things would be similar between us. But when I choose to open a company in Netherlands I discovered how different we actually are and I had to get used to that in the beginning.

More information about to open a company in Netherlands

One of the things I discovered is that the tax rating system is very different. After spending years figuring this out in Germany, I could start all over again. Fortunately for me there is a lot of information about this on the website of Intercompany Solutions. I also contacted them a few times to find out more about the entire process. Just like in Germany you have to fill in different forms, but it is different when you want to open a company in Netherlands, especially since I am not a Dutch resident. You will have to fill in certain forms and give them information that is not necessary in my own country. Of course I had no trouble filling this all out. Even though it took some time to figure it all out and to make sure I had everything, I was happy to have the help of the employees at Intercompany Solutions. If it was not for them I do not for sure if I would have gone through with the idea to open a company in Netherlands.

Enjoying my company every single day

A lot of people have asked me how I like it to have my own company in two different countries. And so far it is going really well. I love seeing the differences between the two countries and how companies work there. It has taught me a lot and I think that is one of the most important things. If you are like me and you would like to open a company in Netherlands, than I would definitely advise you to contact Intercompany Solutions. They certainly know what they are doing and you will need their expertise. In the beginning I thought as well that I could do it all by myself, but as it turned out this was not the case. Do not be like me and just contact Intercompany Solutions straight away when you need it. It will save you a lot of time and also mistakes. And, most of all, it just makes everything so much easier. And when it comes to open a company in Netherlands that is exactly what you need. Take my advice and contact them today if you need any information about this.

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