Why non stick coating on conveyor belts often fails

In the production of many different types of products, a non stick coating on a conveyor belt is absolutely crucial. In the same way that frying an egg can be virtually impossible if the pan you are using does not have a non stick coating, some products will never turn out well if they have the opportunity to stick to the machinery that they are being produced on. This does not only apply to cooking, of course, and there are plenty of other product types that demand a non stick surface throughout the process. Anyone who has used a frying pan for too long, however, will know that non stick coating does not always last as long as you may like. A trusty old pan that you have fried a thousand eggs on can fail at any moment without the care that it demands. This counts ten-fold for industrial machinery, particularly conveyor belts. The coating on a conveyor belt can go through all sorts of difficult circumstances. They will often have to:

  • Bend and twist;
  • Withstand extreme heat and temperature variations;
  • Be scrapped and scratched;
  • Endure 24 hour use;
  • Last months or even years.

No kitchen pan would survive more than a few days with its non stick coating intact under the same circumstances, yet some designers and engineers do not take the time needed to make sure that their conveyor belt will remain non stick and suitable for its task through all of the trials and tribulations of its use. There are various types of coating used and wildly varying standards of manufacture employed, so a little research can help you to choose a high-quality conveyor belt which will last many times longer than a poorly made alternative.

Sourcing a conveyor belt with a durable non stick layer

The most important step in ensuring that your production line remains non stick and up to the level you need to maintain the quality of your product is to find a reputable manufacturer, able to supply you with the size and type of conveyor belt you need. It is no use finding the best quality, highest standard non stick material if they are not able to supply the belt to the specifications that your factory demands. Conversely, all the sizes, colours and materials in the world are not worth anything if your products are going to be constantly and consistently damaged by sticking to your conveyor belts every few days or weeks. There are relatively few companies that are able to say that they provide products that can solve this problem. One of the best makers of PTFE conveyor belts that we have encountered is a Dutch company called Hardick. Although they are based in the Netherlands, they are able to supply non stick PTFE conveyor belts to virtually anywhere in the world. Their range, which you can see at hardick.nl, is as complete as you could ever hope to find, with more-or-less every size and type of conveyor belt available. The quality is as good as it gets, with hard-wearing coatings and flexible materials, which guarantees a much longer lifespan for your conveyor belts that most other companies are able to provide.

What to do when your products start to stick to the conveyor belt

We strongly recommend that you do not waste any time or money attempting to repair a non stick coating. The repairs are always far too temporary. Contact a company such as Hardick as soon as possible for a quality replacement to ensure that your own products are of the quality that you desire.

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