When are you going to start a company in the Netherlands?

If you want to start a company in the Netherlands, you have to make sure that you are starting off right by learning all about the laws that exist. Also about the regulations, guidelines in orde to become a new freelancer, entrepreneur or to start a company in the Netherlands in another field. You can become everything, if you do believe in yourself and if you read all about the things we have mentioned above. In order to become the freelancer, the entrepreneur of the business owner as an expat, we have created a guide to start a company in the Netherlands. Especially for you! So you know that you will take the right steps and that you will not lose money, time and energy. Because that is of course not what you want. This guide explains the process fo expats that are interested how to start a company in the Netherlands. First of all, who can start a business in the Netherlands? 

The first steps to start your company in the Netherlands

What are the first steps to take if we talk about opening your company in the Netherlands? First of all, who can start a company in The Netherlands? That is a very important point to find out, as not everybody can open a company in The Netherlands of courses. Luckily, almost everybody can start a business in this beautiful country. The procedure may be slightly different, it depends on whether you need a work permit or a visa or whether you are from the European Union (EU) or whether you are from a third country. The second thing you have to do is to choose a legal structure for starting a company in The Netherlands. This country has different regulations and legal forms for many different business structures, you will have to pick one and of course, the right one. The two most common legal forms (better known as rechtsvormen) are the incorporated business structure as wel as the incorporated business structure. We will explain what these two are exactly. The different types of the unincorporated business are the following:

  • Sole trader/single-person business
  • Limited partnership 
  • General partnership
  • Commercial/professional partnership
To become a freelancer is popular in The Netherlands. They have approximately two million registered freelancers (this is a value from 2018, this can be even higher now) so that it is popular to be a freelancer is more than clear. 

What about the incorporated business structures?

When you are going to start a company in the Netherlands, you will have to know that next to the unincorporated business structures, there are also incorporated business structures. The different types of incorporated business structures are the private limited company, the public limited company, the cooperative and mutual insurance society, the foundation and the association. The legal requirements differ between the business structures. The main difference between partnership structures, for instance, is that a professional partnership is a form of cooperation between professionals, rather than a cooperation for the purpose of doing business, like the CV and the VOF do. 

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