Do you want to start a BV company?

When you are planning to start up a business you have a lot of things to take into account. There are quite a few things to consider when starting a business. For example, you need to open a business account, have a good business plan and register with the Chamber of Commerce. Before you make an appointment with the Chamber of Commerce, it is certainly wise to prepare yourself well. When you register with the Chamber of Commerce, you need to have completed a questionnaire beforehand. In addition, you should think about what kind of organisation you would like to register your company with. Do you opt for a one-man business, for example? Or do you opt for a private limited company? If you have made this clear in advance, registration with the Chamber of Commerce will run most smoothly. If things are unclear to you or if you still need advice, you can also ask questions at the Chamber of Commerce. To help you get started, this blog discusses the various legal forms. After that, the advantages of a BV company are specifically discussed.

From which legal forms can you choose in the Netherlands?

When you start a business, one of the first choices you will make is the legal form of your company. In the Netherlands you can choose from several legal forms, each of which has its own advantages. For example, you can start a BV company. The most common legal forms in the Netherlands are

  • A one-man business
  • A general partnership
  • A private limited company
  • A public limited company

The above legal forms are the most common legal forms in the Netherlands. For example, you can choose to start a sole proprietorship, but you can also start a private limited company (BV). These different legal forms differ from each other on a number of points. Most entrepreneurs opt for a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is easy to set up and has major (tax) advantages over the other options, especially in the beginning when your company is still relatively small. A disadvantage of the one-man business is that your private assets can also be held liable. If you want to start a business together with other entrepreneurs, you can opt for a general partnership. All partners contribute capital. The partners are also jointly liable for any debts. If you do not wish to be held liable with your private assets, you can opt to start a BV company. In the case of a private limited company (BV bedrijf), the capital of the company is divided into shares. These shares are held by shareholders who in fact also own the company. On the basis of a general meeting for shareholders, they can also take decisions about the company. If you want to be able to attract more capital as a company, you can opt for a public limited company. In this case, the shares are not registered (as in the case of a BV company) but are freely tradable.

Can you contact to start a BV company?

If you do not live in the Netherlands but still want to start a business in the Netherlands, you can contact This company helps entrepreneurs with everything needed to start and grow a business in the Netherlands. They take care of all the things that are needed. You can also contact them for starting a BV company in the Netherlands. Take a quick look at

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